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Infrastructure Specialists

BZ Built has over 20 years experience in the industry building, renovating and maintaining golf courses.  BZ Built can create golf course quality in your residential or commercial space.





Excavation and Bobcat Services

Leveling | Drainage Excavating

Residential, Commercial or Industrial projects, the BZ Built Team offers highly experienced operators to core out existing turf, create or shape that special pond or move debris.

See Project: Lawn Green & Landscape Project



Seed, fertilize

Lawn Construction | Organic Fertilizer

BZ Built is a Turfgrass Management specialist and will offer a seed and fertilizer program specific to your property and can include organic products.

  • Golf courses
  • Recreational fields and parks
  • Construction

See Project: Lawn Green & Landscape Project





Drainage | Irrigation | Water Issues

BZ Built understands the importance of efficient drainage to ensure your residential turf or equestrian/farm property’s water is directed appropriately to eliminate damage or inefficient footing.

Our experience in the Golf Course industry in the Lower Mainland has been accredited to providing the driest conditions golf conditions in the area.  

BZ Built can plan and install a custom irrigation system into your landscape or equestrian/farm property that will ensure adequate coverage to foliage and turf or eliminate dust in the equestrian property.

See Project: Drainage Renovation Project




Patio Stone, retaining walls, rock walls, stack walls

Custom Stone Work

A well placed and well designed retaining wall will hold back soil and rocks, protecting your landscape from erosion and runoff or to provide a stunning outdoor space.

See Project: Stone and Patio Construction Project




Artificial turf

Custom Golf Greens | Artificial Turf/Lawns

Artificial grass is so versatile that it can be applied to nearly any outdoor setting and surface. Many clients are requesting artificial turf golf greens in their outdoor space. BZ Built will prepare the property correctly with drainage and material suitable for the application of artificial turf to ensure a perfectly smooth and durable surface.

See Project: Artificial Turf Golf Green & Landscape Project




Other Services


Controlled Burns



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Barn Construction

Riding Ring & Fencing

Drainage, Irrigation & Ponds

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Excavation Operator & Rental

Artificial Turf

Patio Stone, Retaining & Stack Walls

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