Review By Marie and Csaba Hezsely

Client Name: Marie and Csaba Hezsely

Location: South Surrey BC

Project: Complete interior renovation done in 3 phases || Kitchen, 3 Baths, Flooring, trims, built-ins, Laundry Room

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BZ Built - Home Renovation - Construction Langley - Surrey-0102Our project was a year-long, top to bottom renovation divided in 3 phases while we lived in the house.  We took walls down, remodelled the kitchen and three bathrooms, replaced all the flooring with wide plank oak, changed the millwork throughout, redid the staircase, updated the plumbing, upgraded the electrical, and topped-up the insulation.

For most of the project, my husband was recovering from a life-threatening bicycle accident and without BZ Built, this would have been a very challenging experience to say the least.

I cannot imagine having done this big of a project with any other contractor.  Bart is not only pleasant to be around but his energy is contagious.   

His knowledge and competence in all aspects of construction levelled all obstacles and problems as they appeared.  There were never any issues that he could not find a solution to.  He constantly paid attention to the smallest detail and never cut corners.  

Bart is not only resourceful but absolutely hands-on.  His appreciation of beautiful material and work well-done turned even the simplest corner of a baseboard into a little work of art.  

He constantly offered suggestions that would make the house even more comfortable to live in and never balked at the amount of work or effort needed to make it happen.  He has a mastery of carpentry and built beautiful pieces to complement many aspects of the house.

Renovating a house is one of the big stressors in life but with Bart at the helm of this project, it was an experience that I would redo in a heartbeat!

We love our home and we cannot thank BZ Built enough for they have done for us.

Marie and Csaba Hezsely